The Road to Brexit: A Referendum Timeline

AUTHOR: Hailey Murphy (PhD student, York University, Canada) When given a chance to let the EU know what they really thought of their role in it, UK citizens chose to ‘vote leave, take control’. However, getting to the bottom of what citizens in the United Kingdom really think about UK/EU relations is not as simple as the […]

Making an Exit: The UK's Separation from the EU

AUTHOR: Hailey Murphy (PhD student, York University, Canada) What is at stake when a country decides to trade in its membership to one of the world’s most powerful supranational clubs, and what will this separation look like for both parties? Can the UK and the EU pull off an amicable divorce or will their squabbles […]

Gender, Equality and Pension: What's at Stake for Women in Referendum (Brexit)?

(originally posted on June 17, 2016 on AUTHORS: Annick Masselot (University of Canterbury), Roberta Guerrina, (University of Surrey) and Bridgette McLelland (University of Canterbury) With the EU British referendum set to take place just one week from today, the campaigns have turned to social policy and social security issues. David Cameron warns that pensions will […]